Lessons in Support Letters

I think God makes us write support letters to teach us lessons. I think God causes His work to always be just out of reach for any single person to accomplish. I know God uses His church body in powerful ways.

I’ve been writing and sending support letters recently to try and raise support for my upcoming trip. I need support by prayer and I need support by money. In this task I think God is trying to teach me something. Asking for support from the church teaches humility and trust. When God comes through and makes everything work out right, it reminds us to trust God and His ways.

Asking people for help because you can’t do something on your own is always humiliating. Not always in a bad way, but humiliating nonetheless. You have to admit that what you are and the resources you have are not enough. You have to give up any sort of self-righteous right to be proud of yourself when it’s over. You have to accept that it’s out of your hands and trust that your supports will come through. In my case, it means I look at my bank account and know there is simply no way that I could pay for this trip on my own. I can’t try a little bit harder or work a little bit longer and then make it happen. I have to ask for help. I have to give up control over the situation. I have to be humble enough to accept the truth and my own inadequacy.

Asking for help is also an exercise in active acceptance. I know I can’t pay for this trip on my own. But if I only passively accept that fact then I won’t go at all. Because I won’t go beyond that. I have to actively accept my situation and write letters, fold them, address them, stamp them, and take them to the post office (a mini-lesson here is also thankfulness for my family, especially my mom. They’ve actually done most of the work for me). After the letters are mailed out though, there’s nothing more I can do except pray.

Prayer always involves trust. We talk to God; we tell Him what’s up and about our needs and wants in life. But after we say our peace, the ball is in His court. We have to trust. Right now my support letters are sent. I have no more say in the matter. I can’t change anything about the letters and I can’t guarantee that anyone will send me money. I have no choice at this point but to trust that God has the situation under control and that everything will work out well by His power.

So now I’m into this situation where I have no control and my only hope is to trust in God and His people to provide for me for the next six months. I have no other option and that’s a good thing. In reality, I need nothing else but Him. And life would be better in general if I would trust Him fully for everything. When this whole trip works out well (I am assuming it will), I’ll look back and appreciate God and His people even more.

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