Disobedience is a result of the belief that God’s way is not the best way

Today I was convicted about the nature of sin and disobedience. Every single time that I disobey. Every single time that I do anything other than what I know God wants me to do, I proclaim boldly (and foolishly) to the face of God that I know better than He does.

Humans will always go after what they think is best. Not what is objectively best all the time, just whatever seems best to them at the time. When I want something that I shouldn’t have and I take it, I take it because I think it will be more fun or it will feel better than doing what God says. I take it because I want it more than I want God. I do what I think is best for me. I chase pleasure rather than righteousness.

This is a message of condemnation and hope rolled up in one. Here is the condemnation: every time I disobey I spit in the face of God. What hope do I have to live a life of peace and happiness or inherit eternal life if I routinely spit in the face of the God of the universe? But there is hope still. God’s way is good. God’s way is always better than mine.

Immediately the father of the child cried out and said, “I believe; help my unbelief!” – Mark 9:24

Every act of disobedience is simply a lack of faith in God’s way on my part. In reality, I can’t even fix this myself. Because I’m human, I can’t just decide that God’s way is better than mine. I will always naturally pick my way over His because in my limited sight, my way will always look better. But here is the hope: the Holy Spirit allows me to see the value of righteousness. God has given me a conscience. God has not cursed us with an inability to have fun without feeling guilty. God has instead blessed us with the ability to chase what is truly best for us. Having become a Christian, I can actually say (and mean) that I believe God’s way is better than mine. And because His Spirit is inside me, I can actually live out that believe. I can chase what is best for me and I can have my best life now. Not because I get whatever I want or whatever I ask for, but because God gives me the power to do what is best for me.

It is a beautiful paradox that I love being reminded of: giving up my life to Jesus is the most selfish thing I could possibly do because I will spend eternity in Heaven and have peace that surpasses understanding here on earth.

He loves us. Oh, how He loves us.

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