Living the Life

I’m living the life out here. I just want you to know that. I love it here. First off, I love the attitude and focus here. Everything here is about Jesus. Life is growing closer to Him and sharing Him with others. That in and of itself is huge. It’s what life should be. Life should be focused and centered around Him no matter what we’re doing. With that as a foundation, let me share a little bit more about how awesome life is.

Here’s a rundown of how I spend my time during the week:

13 hours of lectures

6 hours of chores

5 hours of quiet time

3 hours of outreach team time

3 hours of small group

3 hours of community outreach

3 hours of evangelism

2.5 hours of worship

2 hours of prayer

1 hour of Bible meditation

1 hour of group study of Ephesians

1 hour of testimony time

And then Saturday and Sunday are completely free except church Sunday morning. I can go to the beach, climb Koko head, ride the bus anywhere on the island, go out to eat, or really anything.

It’s a pretty full schedule, but there’s still plenty of time for hanging out with people and reading books and things. I’m in love with this schedule. It’s so nice to have someone else schedule my quiet time. It takes a huge burden off of me where I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to find time for it. Someone else already did. I don’t have to make time to learn about God because I already have 13 hours a week for it in my schedule. I even get three square meals a day for free.

That’s pretty much all for right now. I just wanted to make sure you knew that I’m doing awesome out here.

Thanks for your prayers and support. Being here is such a huge blessing.

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