I Am With You

Once in a while, I write songs. Once in a blue moon, they’re not awful. Once in forever I’ll record myself for other people to hear. And then you might hear it too. Please comment and share your thoughts 🙂


You don’t know how beautiful you are
You were in my heart before the stars
You were on my mind before the sea
And your heart is beautiful to me
You are more than the world will let you be
You’re a child of mine and you are free
I have plans and purposes of love
Better than the plans you’re thinking of


So why do you worry?
Why do you search around?
Why do you look in places
I cannot be found?


I am with you ’til the end of your days
I will see you through the storms and the rain
I will be with you wherever you go
Come and let my presence be your home
Let it be your home

Verse 2:

You don’t have to look for me in books
You don’t need to search for love in looks
I made you just the way i wanted you
Whether you believe or not it’s true


I am yours and you are mine alone
I will hold you when you’ve lost all hope
I will guide you home when you are lost
I will love you with the love of my cross

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