Why Am I Here?

When I was getting ready to come to Hawaii, my thought was that I would be here in Hawaii for three months of missionary training, and then go into the mission field for three months of the real work. I thought I was here to learn to be a missionary and spread God’s word and then to go do that. I thought the meat of this trip would be in a third world country. I thought the point was to go and spread God’s love and further His kingdom.

I was wrong.

What I’m realizing is that what’s happening right now is the point of this trip. And I love it. The point of this trip is for me and my classmates to grow closer to God. The goal of the entire YWAM organization is first to know God and then to make Him known. Knowing God comes first. It’s the real reason I’m here. Before I try to go out and share Jesus with people, I have to be sure I know Jesus. I have to be sure I know the God who I serve and I have to give some serious time to studying Him and getting to know Him before spending three months sharing Him.

I’m really thankful for this time. It’s awesome.

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