Head & Heart Knowledge

Often in the church, we talk about “head” knowledge and “heart” knowledge. Head knowledge is the stuff you know about God, whereas heart knowledge is the stuff you feel and truly know about God. It’s on a deeper level. We talk about how head knowledge is good, but the goal is always to make sure that the head knowledge transfers to the heart and that’s really where the good stuff happens. In my own life, this has resulted in me striving for a lot of things. I know about God, but I know thats not enough. I want to know God and so I spend time and energy trying to somehow shove what’s in my head down into my heart. But I’m not sure this is the right way to look at it. I was praying last night, asking God to free me from some bad thoughts I was having that I didn’t want to have anymore. In my head, I wanted them to go away, but in my heart, I was still enjoying them.

But then something came out of my own mouth that rocked my entire view of this issue. I said (not exactly, but something like) “God, you know that truly in the deepest parts of me, in my heart of hearts, I desire to be like you and I want whatever you want and so I really do want these thoughts to go away no matter how much I wrongly enjoy them on my heart level.”

And I realized that this was true! That on a deeper and more sincere level than my heart, that in the deepest parts of my soul, I long to be like my Savior. I was created in the image of God and I want to fit into that image! Yes, the natural man is sinful, but the new man that God has made me longs to be like God. I am not a slave to sin, but a slave to righteousness. I am a transformed, brand new being and because of that my soul desires to be like Him.

This completely changed my thinking about my situation. I don’t have to shove my head knowledge down to my heart, I simply have to let that deeper desire bubble up into my heart and take control of the situation. I can stop striving to be like Jesus and let the work He’s already accomplished run the situation. He already transformed me. I am already a slave to righteousness. My soul already longs to be like Him. So all I really have to do is fall into that and let that control me.

I have a divinely implanted desire to be like the perfect Son of Man and I don’t have to strive to fulfill that. I simply have to let that desire control me and live in that truth.

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