Thoughts On A Plane, Part 2

I’m on my way home from DTS. It’s one of those experiences that’s hard to process and even harder to describe to someone else. But I know that I am different. I know more about God and I am closer and more in love with Him now than ever before. My life is about to change drastically again. It changed in January, and it changes again now. It’s the process of leaving one home for another.

Of all the places in the whole world that I would be welcomed to live, the Creek House on the YWAM Honolulu base is the closest thing to a regular home I have. I’ve lived there for 11 weeks of my life. While that may be a short time to call it home, in comparison, I’ve lived in my home in California for only 3 days. But nonetheless, California is still my home. It’s my home not because of the physical location, but because of the people who live there and because the presence of the Lord is the real home He’s made for me until Heaven. Unlike when I left for Hawaii, I’m not afraid to go home this time.

Leaving for Hawaii was an experience unlike any I’ve ever had before. I was going straight into the unknown. I had no idea who would greet me at the airport. I had no idea what my home would look like. I thought I knew before, but it turned out I had no idea what I would learn there. And most of all, I had no idea what God was doing in my life. This trip is completely different. The physical differences are obvious: I know who’s going to greet me when I land in a few hours and I know what my home will look like. The spiritual differences are much greater and much more important though. I don’t know what God is going to do in my life in this coming season, but I’m not worried about that now. I don’t need to know. I just need to go with it. I just need to trust Him to guide me. That’s the biggest thing that sets me at ease right now. He called me to Hawaii, and now it’s time to go back to California and I know He will be there with me.

Admittedly, I have much less to write about now than I did last time because my emotional state isn’t quite so severe, but that’s a good thing. I have no fear in this moment. I am in His hands and He is with me and He’s going to do amazing things with me. I can’t wait to see all of you back home. I can’t wait to share stories in person. Hopefully, even by the time you’re reading this, I will have seen many of you.

I can’t thank God enough for the last 5 months. I can’t say enough good things about my DTS. I can’t encourage you enough to do one yourself. And I promise that’s not in any way because of a recruitment speech they gave us before we went home. It’s because it’s a program that I love and believe in and want everyone to experience. If you’ve ever thought about doing a DTS, or even if you haven’t but you have interest in it, please talk to me so I can convince you to do one now 😉

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