What’s Up

First off, here’s some pictures of the campus.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Second, I’d like to rant a little bit about what God is doing in me. It’s hard to even begin to explain. So much, and so little time. But I can say without a doubt that He is doing great things. He is changing me to be more like Him every day. He is revealing sin that I need to deal with, He is revealing His love for me, and He is freeing me to follow Him more closely and with more of myself than ever before.

Through the entire time I’ve been here, this one verse has been ringing through my mind.

Psalm 63:8 (NKJV) – My soul follows close behind You; Your right hand upholds me.

I want to be this guy. I want to be able to say that my soul follows closely behind God and that His right hand upholds me. I want to truly be able to say and that I seek after the things of God wholeheartedly and that where He goes, I follow closely. I don’t want to follow Him loosely, or from a distance where it’s safe. I want to be right in the center of God’s will working with Him to do it. And as I seek to follow so closely behind Him, I have no choice but to lean on Him wholly. I can’t accomplish the things of God on my own strength, and I certainly can’t naturally trust in a God who contradicts my flesh and asks me to take up my cross. But He is at work in all these things, and I don’t have to do anything but trust in Him and go with what He’s doing. It’s not about striving, it’s about saying yes to Him whenever He calls.

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