God has been doing something really interesting with me lately in the field of encouragement. One of the lessons I really feel God is teaching me here is about not being judgmental or jealous towards others. For the last few weeks, every time that I’ve felt this way in my heart towards another person, God has given me encouraging words to give to them and asked me to deliver it to them. The results have been amazing. In every instance, the second I speak encouragement out loud to them, my attitude changes immediately. Instead of seeing them with my physical eyes and comparing them with myself, I see them with my spiritual eyes and understand how much God loves them and is pleased with them. Instead of looking at a friend and thinking to myself “she speaks too much,” or “he gets all the spotlight as a musician” I think “she’s able to discern what God thinks about a situation and speak His truth so easily. She’s awesome!” Or “he’s been blessed by God with amazing gifts and he deserves recognition. He’s awesome!”

I’ve been amazed at how quickly my heart can change as soon as I speak out the truth about who people are instead of feeding myself selfish lies about them. I’ve been blessed to see my attitude toward them turn around and how I suddenly like them and Jesus in them so much more.

God is doing some really awesome things in me right now. I’m super excited.

In other news, I got a new camera so I’ll post some more pictures of the campus soon, our lectures are awesome, and God is continuing to teach me to trust Him with my finances!

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