Outreach and Life News

First off, some super exciting news about outreach: I’m still going to Cambodia, but I’m also going to Japan now! Our team will be leaving on January 1st to Cambodia for three weeks to a month and then we’ll be joining up another team in Japan until the last week of February. I’m super excited about both of these opportunities. I’ve been told by so many at church about how super cool Cambodia is and personally I just think Japan sounds awesome!

Please pray for me and my team as we prepare to go. We need unity and a decent amount of funds. I need about $3000 and my team still needs about $10,000 not including me. Please keep us in your prayers and if you’d like to support us let me know or just go to the support me page on my blog.

Beyond that, life has been awesome the last few weeks. Our speakers have been amazing and I’ve been challenged and brought to new levels of holiness and relationship with God.

God’s been showing me more about who I am in Him and what it means to be righteous. For a while I think I’ve seen sin as just a thing that comes from within me because my flesh is evil and every time I fall into it there’s guilt and shame attached to it that gets in the way with my relationship with God. It can be awkward to try and talk to Him when I feel like I’ve just done something really bad. But what I’ve been learning about in the last two weeks is that I need to look at sin differently. I’ve been redeemed and purified by Jesus’ sacrifice. He is making me new. Sin is an attack from the enemy trying to separate me from my Father and I need to see it for what it is and run straight to Him when it comes near.

This alone has brought me closer to God in the past few weeks. I’ve been learning to fight harder for my time with Him. I’ve understood His love and desire for me more as well. It’s been a really good time of growing deeper with God. He’s good.

This has really been an amazing school and I’ve been so blessed to be here. Thank you everyone for your support. I couldn’t have gotten here without you and I’m excited to share stories of what God’s going to do in Cambodia and Japan.

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