The Internship

I’m part of the School of Worship Internship here at YWAM Kona. It’s a group of worshippers living in community and partnering with each other in our personal pursuits of knowing God and our corporate ministry. For the most part my life looks like spending time with Jesus, leading worship, and practicing leading worship.

During an average week I will participate in leading 6-8 worship sets and be the main leader for 3-4 of them. Here’s a rundown of my schedule.


  • Lead worship at my local church


  • Corporate worship
  • Group time for our “family” to get together and hear from one the older (wiser) guys here pour some wisdom into us about worship
  • Run sound for a 2 hour prayer and worship set in the afternoon
  • Work on guitar and songwriting
  • Play keys for ministry night (2-3 hour worship set)


  • An hour of singing scriptures with our “family” in the morning
  • Teaching time for someone to help us grow in practical skills
  • Practice for the set we lead on Wednesday afternoon
  • Work on piano and songwriting


  • Work on guitar and songwriting
  • Co-Lead (on a rotating schedule) a 2 hour prayer and worship set with a prayer leader
  • “Family” time to share with and encourage each other


  • Lead 1 hour of worship for one of the schools running here
  • Work on guitar and songwriting
  • Play keyboard for a 2 hour prayer and worship set
  • Attend a base-wide corporate meeting (and possibly play for worship)


  • Family” worship time
  • Work on songwriting/skill development
  • Play for one hour in the prayer room

This is a really exciting season of my life. I’ve never been able to be a part of this much ministry and see God do so much in different people. I’m growing very quickly in maturity, my relationship with God, and practical skills as a worship leader/musician.

All this good news, and in addition, it’s almost completely paid for! I only need about $300-400 more by March for everything. If you’d like to support me, you can check out my “Support Me” page on this site.

Hopefully that’s a decent rundown. I can explain anything further if you would like. Feel free to get in contact with me on Facebook or by e-mail.

Thank you so much for the support and prayers.

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