Preparing for School

Here I am, alive.

I’m here in Kona again and it’s pretty great really. Even though I’m not a huge beach person, I do love this city. And I love this base. There’s a real sense of family here.

I’m on staff with the Elevate School of Worship starting next week (so soon!). We have 9 staff (4 couples with one spouse full time) and 5 singles. We’re expecting 30 students.

The past two weeks have been our staff training time. We’ve spent every morning gathered together at one of our staff’s condo praying together, worshipping, hanging out, and talking about how to run a school and what our values are for this school. Then we’ve spent the afternoons and evenings taking care of practical stuff. I’ve done inventory of our stuff from the last school, made some awesome spreadsheets, and updated the student welcome information binder. It’s been a really good two weeks. I feel like the Lord has been giving me fresh confidence and vision for what He’s called me here for.

Here’s some pictures from the last two weeks.


Joe and Noah (two of the staff guys) jamming out!


Sunset in paradise


The Little Red Church (the church I attend while I’m here)

I’m really excited for the students coming next week. Arrival day is Thursday the 27th. Please pray that we would be able to get everything finished in time for their arrival. There’s still a lot to do physically and a lot more praying we can do for them 🙂

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