The Beginning of School

The Elevate School of Worship 2012 has started and it’s off to an amazing start!

So far it’s been amazing. The students arrived just two weeks ago and already the school as a whole has grown incredibly close and learned some really deep things.

We just finished up the second week of the school this week, so I’ll try to recap the last two.

Last week was the first official week of the school which served really as an orientation and preparation week. We spent a few of the days in class hearing from Daniel Lehmann (our school leader) about the history of the school and the heart for this year and then two days doing skill assessments with the students.

This week we had David McDaniel with us. He’s the YWAM base leader in Tokyo, Japan and he came to talk to us about our relationship with God and how it applies to worship. It was a great week where he taught about how to deal with relational issues between us and God.

One of the biggest things he talked about is what to do when we get angry or offended with God. Most everyone has been angry with Him at some point and it’s a hard thing to deal with. But there are two main things we have to do: hold fast to the basic understanding that God is good (even if His version of good doesn’t match up with our human perspective) and be honest with Him about it. It has never been a part of God’s plan to drive us away from Him, so even in the hard things that happen, He still wants us to come close to Him in honesty and allow Him to transform our perspective to the perspective of Heaven and get our hearts back in line with His.

Personally, I’m having a very good and very stretching time. I’m growing rapidly in leadership and time management skills (because I have no choice not to!). And I’m learning things about God through the whole process. Please keep praying for our school: that the students would grow in huge ways and that we would truly become those who worship “in spirit and in truth” [John 4:23] and that I would keep Jesus first in everything I do and say.

Here’s some pictures from the last few weeks!

Playing Quelf with the students!

Me with some of the students (on stilts practicing for the Ironman event this weekend)

The first Monday morning worship of the quarter. I had the honor of playing keys (open this one in full screen!)

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