Travelling, Returning, and Planning

For the last half of March, I co-led a trip with 7 of our students to California to tell people about Jesus. It was amazing. We attended the Wilder missions conference, shared the truth of Jesus on the streets, led worship for historic gatherings, and got changed ourselves in the process.

One thing in particular that stuck out about the trip though was seeing our team members (including me) become more comfortable in evangelism. Many of our students expressed some significant fears about walking up to strangers and telling them about Jesus. But we saw all of our team members overcome their fear and share the gospel with joy!

I am back in Kona now and loving it. I am still teaching music theory (which you can read more about here) and running with the School of Worship track. Next week is my last week of teaching and the end of our “normal” schedule before we launch into all out outreach preparation. We have a team planning to go to Maui for a week in May and I am preparing to co-lead a team of 8 students to Asia next month.

The outreach in Asia is going to be amazing. We will be headed for the first week to serve at an international missions conference called Call2All. We have also been blessed with a very special opportunity to serve other parts of Asia. Feel free to contact me in person if you’d like more details!

It looks like I will need some extra finances to pay for the plane tickets for this upcoming trip. I would be honored if you would pray about joining me in monthly or one time support. If you are, please visit this page for further instructions

Prayer points

  • That I would be strong and courageous with every challenge ahead of me
  • That my faith would rise to a new level as I learn to trust God with new situations
  • That I would prioritize relationships over to-do lists
Our amazing outreach team

Our amazing outreach team!

Right before the Wilder conference began

Right before the Wilder conference began

Me leading worship with a banjo back in January

Me leading worship with a banjo back in January

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