School Update

I am presently very well. I have good friends and a great God. I have been forgiven much, and so I love much.

I’m enjoying this new school quite a bit. We have 27 amazing students from all over the world who have come to worship and grow as leaders. I have two particular students who I am walking closely with and they are two of the most hungry men of God I’ve ever known. I have never been more assured that a single three month school would bring more breakthrough in personal lives than I am with these two.

Already in the school I have witnessed landmark moments in peoples lives. We spent one week learning about intimacy in worship and another on freedom and healing. Men and women of God have been released to seek after relationship with God before any other thing. They have been called to live a life of fulness in beautiful freedom from wounds and hurts of the past. We have been awakened to the high calling of the royal priesthood in the Kingdom of God. We are pursuing Him as a class with everything we have and He is responding by opening us to understand great things about Him at an accelerated pace.

With 3 weeks already in the past, this school will surely go by fast. But I am convinced that there are many glorious things to come from our Father in the next 8 weeks.

Please pray:

  • That our whole school would continue to seek God first and not let any thing take our attention
  • That the lessons learned and freedom gained in the last few weeks would be permanent
  • That as staff, we would grow in servant leadership. We must serve and lay down our lives to see others built up. This is the way of the Kingdom.
  • That as a man, I would be built up in selfless love. First for the Lord, second for my fiancée, and third for our students

If you are interested in supporting me in missions and ministry, please visit this page. It is always a huge blessing to have more people to join my financial support team. 

Beach day with the Elevate School of Worship 2013

Beach day with the Elevate School of Worship 2013


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